Anthologies Completed:
"It's a Grimm Life"
"Haunted by the Past"
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Blog Serials:
"Mirror's Edge"
"City Lights"
"What is Love?"
"Good Paper"
"My Mask"
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Published Works:
"Tradition" - found in Enter the Rebirth anthology
    edited by Thomas Gondolfi
"Shattered Space"
"The Seed" - found in Sirens Call eZine, October 2016  Issue #29
"Water on Canvas" - Black Hare Press 'Dark Moments'
"The Gifts We Bear" - found in Ancients anthology
    edited by D Kershaw
Divine Construction
The Wall of Stone and Iron
Elesari's Bluff
"Click" - found in Legends of Night: Infection anthology
    edited by Brandi Hicks & Shelly Jarvis